Duck Egg Incubators

The best incubator a duck egg can get.

Perfect for school projects, hatching ducklings at home ...

The NEW Advanced Auto-Turn Mini Egg Incubator is a small, high quality, low cost, egg incubator combining ease of use, performance and exceptional value. The Mini Advanced holds 8 duck eggs (or equivalent) and provides automatic egg turning with autostop 2 days prior to hatching, countdown to date-of-hatch and temperature alarms on its digital display so you'll always know the status of your hatch. Eggs are turned by rotating egg disks.

Temperature is monitored on a purpose built liquid-in-glass thermometer and although factory set, the electronic temperature control allows fine tuning of the temperature setting if required. Humidity is provided for with central water reservoir and the Mini Eco operates at low voltage (from main adapter supplied) for safety.

This duck egg incubator is designed to be used for the education of children although they are not toys and should be used only under adult supervision.


Technical Details

  • Automatic egg turning
  • Maximum Egg Capacity (approx): 8 duck eggs, 10 chicken eggs, 24 Quail eggs
  • Brinsea quality at a low price!
  • 115 Volt 60 Hz Operation
  • Fan Assisted Airflow
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • High quality, high visibility cabinet
  • Weight Eco: 0.85Kg (1.9lbs)
  • Power Consumption: 18 Watts Max, 12 Watts typical average
  • Dimensions: H x D, 165 x 222 mm (6.5" x 8")

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